Political Compass

Write your comments below on the compass. How do you feel about the labels left and right? Do you consider yourself a “political animal”?


15 Responses to “Political Compass”

  1. Hussain Says:

    I think the left and right labels are a good way to see whether you are democratic/socialist or republican/conservatives. It just categorizes your political views and opinions and expresses them on a scale. I do somewhat consider myself as a “political animal”
    (social creatures bound to organize, sometimes the organizations exist and we’re born into them) because I do like structure and organization but on the other hand I like my independance and freedom to do what I want

  2. Sal Says:

    I feel that the labels “left” and “right” are a good starting point to get into current world issues, as it can clear up what someone defines as “important” based on where they stand. I do associate somewhat with the title of “Political Animal”, as I have an inclination towards structure and organization as well.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I think the left and right labels showing what is my thinking about political. I don’t consider myself as a “political animal” because I don’t like structure and organization.

  4. Sandra Says:

    I feel they’re necessary to understand political and social views people have but I don’t think it defines their thinking entirely. There are exceptions to a person’s specified “wing” of ideals, they don’t have to stick to one side for everything. A person who believes there should be a lot of government intervention in one aspect of society can also believe in a more laissez faire approach to another aspect and vice versa. I don’t believe I am a “political animal” because that can draw too clear a line for me on where I stand in political ideologies and I don’t know where that is yet.

  5. MARISA Says:

    I think the left and right labels are a good base for showing how one feels about political issues, however I really think the two other labels (authoritarian and libertarian) are important to help show how one would go about acting on their beliefs. When the left/right labels were originally thought of they must have been a good way to divide people’s thoughts, but I think now we have a world that is more complex and we need some further way of dividing people based on their opinions.
    I’m not completely sure I understand what a political animal is, but from what I understand I don’t think I am a really strong political animal. I believe in self-expression (? that’s almost the right word) and that people are able to govern themselves in a way that would benefit their community, but I understand that it’s important, or just helpful, to have some sort of guide helping people to do the right thing.

  6. Heffernan Says:

    Political animal, in my view, just means that you are more aware of issues, more likely to care, more likely to openly express your opinion and more likely to get involved in some way. Everybody is political to some extent. Even the people who don’t vote and say “I don’t give a damn about politics” are subconsciously making a political statement – they are willing to allow other people to make decisions for them.

    Re not liking structure or organization – you can be very political with that philosophy. Check Wikipedia for explanations of libertarianism or anarchism.

    And Maisa, you are definitely, whether you like it or not, a political animal. Anyone who takes on a leadership position in an organization like the YM Enviro Council is political.

  7. MARISA Says:

    Haha!! okay, I am a very big political animal! I was trying to google what that was but it wasn’t working… thanks! lol…

  8. John U. Says:

    I feel that the labels of “left wing” and “right wing” are a good way of categorizing individuals based on their political ideas and such. These labels can help also in determining which politicians you can most agree with. I believe that it is important to have the labels of “left” and “right”.
    I do consider myself to be a political animal because I do enjoy expressing my opinions, and I also follow politics and like to keep up with current events/issues. Reading the news and understanding the issues that are currently facing the world, I believe is important because if you don’t know what’s wrong, than how can you possibly help to fix it.

  9. Matthew Says:

    In politics, the terminology “left wing” and “right wing” can often be applied as a way of classifying individuals in society about how they feel on certain topics and political issues. Political ideology is an important aspect for most in society, and as such, it is important that individuals can align themselves with the appropriate political parties. Knowing where a party falls on the political spectrum can help us analyze what decisions that party will make, as well as if those decisions are ones that we agree with. Left wing ideologists tend to favor more government intervention, or socialism. Right wingers on the other hand, tend to believe that less government intervention is key to a developed society. Also, I consider myself a political animal because I find politics not only fascinating, but an important part of everyday life. How the government works and functions affects all citizens. It is important that we all analyze and understand the decisions that the government makes in order to improve our society. It is important to stay informed and up to date on current politics.

  10. karia Says:

    I honestly think that we, as a society, hide behind the labels of either a “Left wing” or “Right wing”. Rather than sticking to one common thought or a political view point, we should be thinking about what is best for the global community as well as ourselves. Sure, it’s important to have an overview of the changes or choices that the political leaders will lean against but does that mean it’s the best option?
    Rather than having a party that favors government interventions and ones that don’t they should be looking at the current issues, a lot of solutions and paths that can be taken in a healthy yet efficient way to build the economy rather than following protocols. No, i am not a political animal, even though i do tend to follow social norms.

  11. Raluca Says:

    Being categorized as left or right on the political spectrum is an efficient way to see where an individual stands politically and socially. A person’s status proves what values they have and how they envision an ideal environment to be. Nonetheless, it is normal for individuals to support ideas from both sides of the spectrum. I am a very stubborn “political animal” considering that I enjoy being a part of structural formations, I always express my opinions and I try to get others to agree with me. Just like Sandra, I am also not sure where I stand politically at this point, but I know that it is very far on the left libertarian side. I will try to figure this out soon so I know who to vote for when I turn 18.

  12. Jamie B. Says:

    In my opinion, the left and right labels on the compass are beneficial in demonstrating the foundation of people’s political ideologies. That being said, I think it is more important to look at the entire compass (not only left and right, but libertarian and authoritarian) to truly understand where people stand, politically speaking. I believe that the left-right scale focusses more on economic views, whereas the authoritarian-libertarian scale recognizes social structure (and both aspects are crucial when understanding your own political beliefs). Also, considering that the left-right scale is very broad, it is necessary for the rest of the compass to properly identify one’s ideals. For instance, an extreme left-libertarian is VERY different than an extreme left-authoritarian, as although both are considered socialist, one favours freedom and the other favours authority and tradition.

    Throughout high school, I have become more and more of a political animal. The more that I learn about current world issues and social injustices, the more I am interested in getting involved in the world’s politics. That being said, I also believe that being human means being political and having a position in how society functions. Perhaps the older we get, the more of political animals we will become.

  13. Vanessa Says:

    I believe that “left wing” and “right wing” labels are an important foundation to understanding where you stand in the political spectrum in terms of your views. They are, however, kind of vague and people don’t always stick to one side, so it is necessary to take into consideration other labels such as libertarian and authoritarian to get a fuller picture.
    I am not that much of a “political animal”, though as I get older I am becoming more aware and interested in issues.

  14. Katrina Says:

    I feel that for someone like me, or someone who is not a “political animal” the left and right wing spectrum is a strong starting point. Left winged people, who are ones to be considered more liberal or progressive seem to want change. They believe that people’s beliefs are the most important. After completing the survey it is clear I was placed a bit more on the left side. However on the other hand, right winged people who are more conservative or regressive and want things to stay the same.
    The survey was a very good starting point, however I feel like it is very hard for someone to be extreme left or extreme right. Sure some people feel like we NEED to have change (left wing), or we NEED everything to stay the same (right wing), however there is always room for improvement in any system, whether it be for a company, or especially our government system. Overall I do believe the compass is a strong starting point, and it is important for everyone to understand this political compass and their side towards it.

  15. Stephen Says:

    I believe the ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ classification is a good way to categorize the way people view politics. It helps people associate themselves with the a party that has the same ideology as the person. I feel as though it helps people understand what each political party stands for (e.g. Conservative are right wing and believe in a more traditional approach as apposed to the New Democratic Party which have a more social and government run approach). I do consider myself a political animal as I do try to follow the current important issues that are being run through Parliament, as well as I like to voice my own opinion.

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