Millenium Development Goals

Good summary of what they are:

Official UN page:

Monitoring the goals:


17 Responses to “Millenium Development Goals”

  1. sarelle shiner Says:

    can u please tell me what exactly is going to be on the quiz and the definition of a less developed world because it isn’t in the text book

    • heffernan Says:

      Fairly basic MC questions covering the reading material allocated. Re definition, I suggest you look up the term Less developed country, not world.


      • mmmaythe Says:

        Mr. Heffernan,
        if you want people’s comments to appear, you’ll have to approve them either from the spam or the pending section on the dashboard page.

        However, once you approve them and they use the same email every time after that, you won’t have to approve them every single time anymore, so it’ll be just an one-time thing.

    • Quan Says:

      so when we hand in the final assignment should we have written less developed country or world…

  2. Alex Says:

    What does eradicate mean?
    a)the act of teaching and learning
    b)to erase or get rid of
    c)affecting or concerning all
    d)a pointing or directing device


  3. Jocelyn Wong Says:

    Question 1. What year is the MDG target set for?


    Correct answer: d)2015

    Question 2. What is the purpose of the MGD Monitor?

    a)shows how countries are progressing in efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
    b)counts down the years until Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target is reached.
    c)Both (a) and (b)
    d)None of the above

    Correct Answer: (a) shows how countries are progressing in efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

  4. DaYoung Says:

    In the MDG, how many goals are aimed at reducing extreme poverty?
    a) 4
    b) 8
    c) 10
    d) 6

    Answer: B

    When did world leaders come together to form the United Nations Millenium Declaration?
    a) 2000


    c) 2002

    d) 2006

    Answer: A

  5. Lequan Says:

    Question: In terms of the Earth and its ecosystems, what is sustainability?
    a) to achieve sustainable growth
    b) not giving back to the community
    c) staying productive and healthy over time
    d) to engage in economical requirements

    Answer: c) staying productive and healthy over time

  6. Jocelyn Wong Says:

    Remembering about the Millenium develop. goals I came across an inspiring video,

    Watching it makes me think very conciously, it’s very unfair that others around the world are faced with such difficulties that we don’t even have to think about.

  7. Alan Russel Says:

    This video is of Kobe Bryant promoting aid for darfur. I believe this is a very effective way of advertising and raising awareness for darfur because Kobe is a very well known figure all over the world and espicially in north america. I think we need to see more famous people raising awareness for issues such as this one, which will certainly help diminish the world’s problems.

  8. Victor Says:

    I personally feel that the Millenium Development Goals (MDG) aren’t realistic and were agreed to in the first place just to make the UN and its member nations look good morally and publicily. Basically, its a pipe dream without any international will to carry it out.

    • DaYoung Says:

      Though MDG isn’t turning out the way everyone hoped it to, I think that its existence at least somehow contributed for improvement in their 8 categories.
      I still give the participating countries and the UN credit for at least showing some sign of support, because some is better than none. These 8 different problems have been an issue for quite sometime, so I don’t expect to see perfect results.

  9. Justina Says:

    The latest G20 Summit that wrapped up at the beginning of this week in South Korea saw leaders taking initiative for the first time in G20 history to bring up the issue of development, as well as encouraging countries to stay accountable to their MDG commitments. How much impact this will actually make remains to be seen.
    (large photo of Ban Ki-moon included.)

    • mmmaythe Says:

      That “large photo of Ban Ki-moon” creeped me out, to be honest. But anyway. I always found it regrettable that what the UN comes up with is always merely a suggestion and never a solution if a state decides not to implement it for some reason. I think this is one of the reason why the UN or G20 can’t single-handedly fight an issue effectively: no enforceable international law or a formal judicial system to govern international issues.

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