As the course nears its completion, I’ve added this page to cover “everything and anything” in the way of comments. I’ve kicked it off with something on Wikileaks


4 Responses to “Geopolitics”

  1. heffernan Says:

    Here’s something from Wikileaks which also pertains to Deena’s presentation on the DRC. She mentioned the fight over minerals like coltan used to make cell phones and computers. This story talks about uranium and how easy it is to get access to it to make “dirty bombs”. Scary stuff.

  2. heffernan Says:

    If you’re perplexed by Wikileaks, go to this interactive database of the leaks provided by the Guardian:

  3. Deena A. Says:

    I found a link on the CBC website about the war that’s going on the DRC. Quite interesting, although it’s obviously depressing.

    I’ve been reading Romeo Dallaire’s book about the Rwandan genocide (cheery stuff, I know) and I guess I never really thought about how useless the UN really is. It’s on paper, and in the UN archives, that the peacekeepers were repeatedly not to “fire unless fired upon”, not to attempt risky missions, that no forces would be sent in to bolster the mission and even that they shouldn’t attempt to protect Rwandan civilians. They received no medical or administrative aid. As well, Dallaire was saddled down with a unit from Bangladesh that didn’t listen to his orders (obeyed orders directly from Dhaka) and would often abandon Rwandans under their protection if they were attacked by the RGF. There was also the issue of a Rwandan Hutu extremist having a seat on the Security Council during the genocide; he was privy to all the information on the mission in Rwanda and could relay it back to the extremists.

    So much for the UN mandate to prevent genocide.

  4. permarev Says:

    If you get the hard copy supplement of the New York Times with your Toronto Star, you can read this article at a leisurely pace. If not, read it online. Titled
    ” ‘ Natural Security’ issues may lead to conflicts in 2011″, it makes the link to resources, climate change and geopolitics

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