Climate Change

Here are some interesting, spoofy images, mainly photoshopped, showing famous cities and landmarks dealing with the impact of global warming

The iconic image of earth taken from Apollo 8 in 1968

The impact of global warming on Canada (click on ‘Degrees of Change” to see the chart


32 Responses to “Climate Change”

  1. permarev Says:

    Here’s a tragic story about deforestation in Borneo and the impact on climate

    • Jocelyn Wong Says:

      I find it very upseting to read articles like this and to not really have a personal connection. If only I was faces with trials like this I would be even more compelled than I am right now. I find it depressing that there are animals out there like these that I have never even heard of and on top of that they face extinction.
      “Kalimantan has almost 10% of the world’s tropical forest and an extraordinary biodiversity that constantly multiplies with three new species being discovered there on average every month. It is the only home of some of the world’s most endangered mammals: the pygmy elephant, the clouded leopard, the sun bear and the orangutan. All of them face extinction if the ancient forest is destroyed.” There is so much loss and burden when compared to the good that comes out of the process of deforestation from the “timber mafia”.

  2. Alan Russel Says:

    I watched a very interesting documentary recently which said that the reason nobody is doing anything substantial about climate change is because we don’t know the severity of what will happen to our planet. I believe this is true but the show also made another interesting point:

    It said that nobody is doing anything because climate change it is the humans fault, so it is only fitting that we die because of our greed and damage we caused to our planet. It also said that all the futuristic pictures we see of destruction and devestation excites us, in the way that we watch an action movie.

    I believe that we do not actually want this to happen but just like the movies, we always crave a good ending. So to conclude, I don’t think humans will do anything to slow down climate change until the future becomes the present. Which means, that our planet has to self-destruct so that we will finally see the horrible pictures we’ve been waiting for.

  3. Joshua Armstrong Says:

    I Found this cool little article on Global warming. It’s Paul McCartney talking about how we can reduce emissions through reducing our daily meat intake.

  4. permarev aka Heffernan Says:

    Arnie the Terminator (mnot the Monsanto type) takes on Big Oil in California

  5. permarev Says:

    An interesting lecture, only 16 mins. long, from a long standing environmentalist who questions some of the basic beliefs of the green movement.

  6. permarev Says:

    on the environmental impact of Google searches

    • Justina Says:

      Wow…I am guilty of running to Google with just about every question that pops up in my life, but at least I can be proud of the fact that I have nether Facebook nor Twitter and therefore do not spend time making carbon emissions by taking part in the endless updating of such accounts. “=) I’m not a loser, I’m environmentally friendly!”

      (Now…how much damage did I just cause while posting this?)

    • Dayoung Says:

      I never knew how much impact would occur by using Google and other websites. Just like Justina, I turn to google when I can’t get answers from the people around me. Even when I know the website link, I always type it on google and go on from there.
      I feel guilty that I have Facebook and also Twitter even though I rarely use it.
      I should decrease my time on facebook and twitter, because its a distraction and also a harm to the environment:)

    • Evelina Says:

      Wow, i just read what you guys were talking about and how Google has so much impact. Google is my life when it comes to working on projects or like both of you guys said, an answer to a question.

    • Justina Says:

      I was just telling somebody else about this the other day because I thought it would be cool to get back at them for telling me, “Just Google it,” when they were too lazy to answer my questions. Anyway I wonder how much more intensive things like streaming/downloading videos, photo editing, etc will cost the environment compared to a small little Google search or Tweet.

  7. sarelle shiner Says:

    I find it rather disturbing that the goverment is aware of the consequences that are involved with fossil fuels however they still continue to burn it at such drastic rates. Whats more is the fact that people ignore evidence and that there are other renewable sources available but no one is willing to do anything about it. I think we should become more activelly involved in the environment. As well i have found an interesting article on the effects of the alberta tarsands on the bird population–230-birds-dead-after-landing-on-toxic-oilsands-pond

  8. sarelle shiner Says:

    i find it kinda disturbing that going on google has such a drastic effects on the environment. I guess everything in this world consumes energy.

  9. Evelina Says:

    My group and i are doing climate change as one of our topics and its funny how so many people are shocked about what is happening and how quickly everything is occuring, but yet there are so many little things each of us can do, to change global warming and climate change, but yet no one actually does anything.

  10. Dayoung Says:

    Ever since the earthquake that hit Haiti earlier in the year, I have been following the reports of a Haitian girl name Lovely. Catherine Porter, a Star reporter, has been writing many articles of the difficulties Lovely and her family had to face after the deadly destruction. This little girl’s hardships catched the attention of many Star’s readers, like myself, that the Star decided to make a special coverage/report on Lovely.

    This special covers a wide range of problems that we talked about in class. These include education, cholera, poverty, natural disasters, inaccessibility for medical help, employment, housing, the ecosystem, and more.
    Check out the Star’s special page just for this issue. It is quite interesting, and helps you understand what kinds of issues one natural disaster can form in a single country.

  11. Sean Says:

    I’m in Evelina’s group and one of our motives was that we found out there are many things people can do to help fix the issue. Most people believe that they are just one person in the entire world and can’t do anything to help our environment. If you search climate change solutions on google you will find a lot of small everyday things you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint. I think i heard Alan say this once and I agree, that for some reason people are waiting for something disastrous to happen before they act. But if they wait too long it might be too late…

  12. Jocelyn Wong Says:

    Inspired by our much loved science expert Bill Nye the Science Guy, I found a video where he talks about Climate Change and What’s happening right NOW.

    He strongy encourages everyone to evalutate the evidence given from the IPCC part of the united nations, finding the date compelling and to look at the trends stated.

  13. Alan Russel Says:

    Here is a very shocking and disturbing commercial about climate change and global warming but it gets the point across. Please watch.

    • DaYoung Says:

      I must say that commercial gets the point across, but rather disturbing!

      • Alan Russel Says:

        Definately disturbing but almost necessary as were in a time of desperation to relieve the planet of a negative human influence

    • Alex I Says:

      I actually thought that this video was very well thought out. Comparing the amount of greenhouse gases per passenger for an airplane to an adult polar bear’s weight was very intriguing. Gets the point across very accurately though.

  14. sarelle shiner Says:

    I agree i guess because everything relies on energy

  15. sarelle shiner Says:

    I really enjoyed watching Bill nye the Sciences movie on GM foods. I found that it provided a different perspective on the production of Genetically Modified. In class we alays look at issues from the consumers side. However this showed us genetically modified foods from the industry and person who’s producing this. However it did not show us how it affects the environment and had a strong bias which kinda pissed me off.

  16. Alan Russel Says:

    After listening to our guest speaker today I have to say that I have no idea which side to chose on the war of climate change. This is because I am having a hard time trying to seperate the facts from propaganda. One side says that CO2 emmisions have no direct impact on the heating of the planet and the other says the exact opposite. Who is right?

  17. Sean Says:

    Basically I think the Earth normally fluctuates and goes up and down by a a few degrees, but as a human race we are making the increase happen. As in it’s not just the normal level of increase the Earth sees from time to time, but that this is more of a man made increase in global temperature. He was talking about how 3 million years ago it was 3 degrees higher and now we are going to go up by 1 degrees and it’s a big issue. I believe that normally the time-line of the increase is much more gradual and the scientist aren’t really sure what will happen now that we are forcing the increase ourselves. Personally I believe that the Earth’s temperature does change on it’s own. But that this time we are the ones forcing the temperature change. That is just my personal beliefs, if anyone else would like to agree or disagree with what I’ve said I won’t take it personally…

  18. Candy Says:

    BBC news has a whole section about Wikileaks. You can check it out for those who are interested. They have really interesting stuff.

  19. Candy Says:

    This is about Climate change warning at UN Cancun summit.

  20. Alpha P. Says:×90&utm_campaign=long%2Bterm%2Benergy%2Bplan

  21. Alpha P. Says:

  22. Victor Says:

    A comprehensive article on the impact of global warming in the Sahel region of Africa.

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