Other Assignments

First Assignment; SUSTAINABILITY QUOTES . Download for a description.

Second assignmentLEVELS of DEVELOPMENT. Download for a description.

In addition to the CIA W0rld Factbook https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ there is another good site : http://www.nationmaster.com/index.php

For an example of how to  set up your chart with an example from one country, click here.


Fourth Assignment – REFUGEES – Instructions and rubric

And here are some examples for doing the annotated map: one; two; three

For great internet resources

Fifth Assignment: ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES. Instructions and rubric

Sixth Assignment GEOPOLITICAL – HOTSPOTS/HOT ISSUES of the WORLD  Instructions and rubric

You should use and adapt this organizer. In its current format it’s set up for the India/Kashmir dispute.


9 Responses to “Other Assignments”

  1. =) Says:

    On the map, is there a label we should give to all the other countries not mentioned in the assignment? I’m hesitating to just put them under “Other” in the legend because they technically can fall into the categories.

  2. Aaron Sheng Says:

    M. Heffernan, the Nationmaster website has some information that is outdated by almost a decade. I’m not sure if it would be reasonable to use it for my country (Vietnam) although I would love to.

    • Mr. Keogh Says:

      Aaron, you are quite right to be hesitant to use older data but sometimes it is all we have. Developing countries don’t have as much money or government resources available to do a census. In Canada, we only do a Census every 5 years, and even here, we’ve recently had people trying to abandon the long and detailed census form. You can always go to other sites to search for more information but I think that if you use the data with a foot note or explanation, it should be fine. Check with Mr. H. to be sure.

  3. Justina Says:

    I wasn’t sure where to put this response since there’s no category for animal rights…Anyway I read “The Aliens are Coming” and I was really surprised to find out the huge impact alien species can have on the environments they are introduced to. I suppose releasing things into the wild seems like a very romantic and lovely idea, freeing them from captivity and all that, but the examples they give in the article show how shallow and lacking in thought that kind of thing would be (ie with the minks). I remember when I was little we would hear about beetles coming to North America that weren’t supposed to be here, and not really knowing why it was bad–isn’t a bug just a bug anywhere? But reading this article, and learning about things like mutant mice eating albatross babies…was mildly horrifying.
    Also random fun fact: I didn’t know there were walking catfish! Although that’s kind of creepy to imagine as well…

  4. Justina Says:

    I haven’t really tried it out yet but this could be cool to type up assignments with, potentially saving ink, money, and the environment: http://www.ecofont.com

    Overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPUwUyYeA8c#t=2m04s

    Download a sample font here: http://www.ecofont.com/en/products/green/font/download-the-ink-saving-font.html

  5. Deena A. Says:

    Watch out, Justina, the walking catfish are coming for you…
    And yeah there are all sorts of examples of foreign animals taking over. Maybe this is why Australians don’t like immigrants: look what foreign animals are doing to their ecosystems! 😛

  6. Justina Says:

    Global warming and deep-sea fishing are making nasty-looking things like this show up in the ocean:

    So global warming is apparently good for helping us discover new fish species…I’m not sure it’s really worth it.

  7. Alan Russel Says:

    Here is a site to find your ecological footprint


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