Welcome to World issues

Being a big environmentalist (e.g.wanting to reduce paper handouts) and an experimenter in the blog format, I hope to use this site to:

  • post a lot of the course material.
  • Get some interactive discussion going – debates, informational posts and links to course topics.

If anyone is knowledgeable about websites and wants to help in managing/suggesting things, I’d be happy to accept any offers.

View the course summary here. Pay special attention to major evaluations: tests and the course culminating assignment. If you haven’t completed a hard copy of the information sheet download and hand it into me.

Next, you (and your classmates and I) are going to find out something about your political orientation – where you stand on the political spectrum – left, right or centre. Got to http://politicalcompass.org/ and complete the survey.

And if you bookmark only one site for this course, this should be it: http://www.globalissues.org/


11 Responses to “Welcome to World issues”

  1. Dominique Says:

    This class has sparked my interest in population control and the issues surrounding it, the reasons behind it. I was also very surprised to find that I was surprised to learn that we are the main problem behind the slow disintegration of the ozone layer, and that people in developed countries actually have minimal impact on the environment.
    I am coming across many issues that I knew existed but that I had never really looked into in-depth and am finding many new facts and pieces of information that surprise me and make an impression.

  2. Dayoung Says:

    Switching into this class was a last minute decision for me, and I am really glad I took this course.
    Of course, I was aware of many issues that surround this world, but what I didn’t know was the indepth details of it, like how it was caused, how it effects people, what is being done to it, and what actions we can take to fight the issue.
    I am getting more saddened as we learn more about the issues in the world. All these problems are things that we can all prevent and improve, but the majority of people in this world do not know what it would be like to live in a state of poverty, for example.

    By raising awareness to those around us, like the people in our school, we will have taken a big step in helping others understand the hardships that exist in this planet. That is why I think the Activism Assignment is a great opportunity to spread awareness on what each group strongly wants to raise awareness about.

  3. Victor Says:

    I’m not sure which catagory this belongs to, but I thought that this article I found might be related to World Issues:


    I find its premise- that economic power is determined by geography- makes sense.

  4. Victor Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. It does seem that “Guns, Germs and Steel” thesis is similar to the BBC article, but more concentrated on Eurasia and European civilizations. The BBC article’s idea was also examined more in depth by the book the author wrote, entitled Why the West Rules – For Now: The Patterns of History, and What they Reveal About the Future.

  5. Dominique Says:

    This is a review on a hybrid Nissan Altima, in case anyone is interested in investigating this further. Unfortunately they weren’t enthused by anything in particular, but we are the generation that could really popularize hybrid/electric vehicles, and I think we should definitely keep an eye on them, because the technology is only advancing.


  6. Victor Lai Says:

    I’m not sure which catagories this article belongs to, but I thought they might be interesting and I’m sure they’re related to world issues. I’d recently found a series of articles which I thought might make for interesting reading for anyone who cares. You can take a look below:


    and some opinion pages:

    http://catholicforum.fisheaters.com/index.php/topic,3427603.0.html (check the first post for the link above)

  7. Alan Russel Says:

    Good luck on your exam tomorrow guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Celine Sakran Says:

    heres a youtube video i found about stonehenge! it talks about all the theories of how the stones got to be where they stand today and for what reasons they may hold. i thought it was interesting and here it is for everyone else!

  9. stefanblazevic1 Says:

    Hello, I would like to say that the topic I have selected for the ISP Assignment is “The wars of this century will be over water?”

    -Stefan Blazevic

  10. Stefan Blazevic Says:

    Hello, Mr. Heffernan, This is the third article that I was supposed to put inside the ISP Checkpoint one assignment


    -Stefan Blazevic

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