Welcome to World issues

July 2, 2009

Being a big environmentalist (e.g.wanting to reduce paper handouts) and an experimenter in the blog format, I hope to use this site to:

  • post a lot of the course material.
  • Get some interactive discussion going – debates, informational posts and links to course topics.

If anyone is knowledgeable about websites and wants to help in managing/suggesting things, I’d be happy to accept any offers.

View the course summary here. Pay special attention to major evaluations: tests and the course culminating assignment. If you haven’t completed a hard copy of the information sheet download and hand it into me.

Next, you (and your classmates and I) are going to find out something about your political orientation – where you stand on the political spectrum – left, right or centre. Got to http://politicalcompass.org/ and complete the survey.

And if you bookmark only one site for this course, this should be it: http://www.globalissues.org/